Friday, February 13, 2009

MORE, please!!

I'd have to start by saying the theme for today was a lack of MORE.
Nikko, Audrey and I went to playgroup today. The triplets were there as well as Aidan so the room was buzzing with activity. Nikko immediately played with two school busses and got attached to them, of course. When it was time to join the others in Circle Time, he refused and retreated to the opposite end of the room. He also avoided coming to the table to work on a Valentine craft (so I'm out again this week of another craft from him). He started to look toward the corner where the Cheetos were for snack and tried to get to the corner. It took a lot of work to steer his attention toward play-doh, which he did engage briefly. Another transition to the bean table was rough, so it's probably safe to note that Nikko's transitions between activities is very difficult. Swapping objects can also be difficult unless the newer object is absolutely way cooler that what he's currently holding. When snack time finally arrived, Nikko was eating away BUT was only signing "please". I'd remind him to sign "more" and do hand-over-hand to help him along, but for some reason he refused to sign More. Because of this, he received way less Cheetos than last week, and he was enraged that he didn't get more when snack time was finished. This behavior seemed to follow us home, because he refused to sign More even for french fries. Brianna tried to get him to sign as well, and she finally DID get one More out of him, which I saw out of the corner of my eye. It was emphatic, too, so it's not like he forgot how to sign More.
I seriously was beginning to think that perhaps he lost this skill along the way, or was confused about wanting More, but it doesn't make sense to me how he never used to sign Please, and now that's the only sign we'll get from him (for the past two days). I KNOW he understands that asking for more means using the sign More. He outwardly refused to sign More, but is asking for things by signing Please. I don't get it!! I just have to REMEMBER THE BUNNY and know that if he really, really wants something, he will sign for it. I do get torn sometimes because, like Jen taught me, I'll revert to hand-over-hand to get things moving and I don't know if that's copping out. Perhaps it's not. I probably need to do it a gazillion and one times before he will stop being stubborn.

I went to the Chiropractor later, left the boys at home with Brianna. Nikko was napping when I came back. I hauled everone into the Pilot and headed to Costco for a quick errand run. When we came back, OT was cancelled (Shelly has the stomach flu) so I told Brianna to take Nikko to the school if he wanted to go, to run around. I think they headed that way, but she came back carrying him kicking and screaming soonafter. I think she didn't want to stay there long because he would resist her like that later, too. He was so mad that he couldn't go to the school and refused to run around in the backyard. We really do have to consider getting a swingset of some sort for the backyard, so the kids don't have to run to the school (and be denied when the students are out and about). The rest of the night was typical, TV and trains, dinner, bath and bed. Nikko always looks at me before he takes a train or toy right out of Ronin's hands. Even if I say a firm NO and point a stern finger, he proceeds to take the toy and Ronin screams. I end up prying the toy away from Nikko and handing it back to Ronin, explaining that Ronin is playing with it. I don't think fairness registers with Nikko right now. Nikko is still very clingy to me and seems to want my exclusive attention lately. Again, I try to give him as many tight hugs as I can. I hope that tomorrow he will drop this refusal to sign More and resume proper behavior. I have NO idea if that will happen!

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