Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quiet Day on Monday

I hate to write that nothing special happened during a day, but on Monday it was rather quiet. Our only outing was to Target and Jewel, and Nikko fell asleep in the shopping cart in mid-shop. He's been doing well with me in that he's looking me in the eye and seeking my company. We get a lot out of tickle games. But engaging him in other games like puzzles and shape sorting seems to work better when the therapists do it. He doesn't mind playing trains with me, however, and I am still thinking about getting a tunnel to make the play more diversified on the floor. I suppose I can make one out of cardboard or something.

Today, Tuesday, we are waiting for Gloria to arrive. I am wondering how Speech will go today. Last week's session was very good, which is why I am dreading today again.

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