Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moody Blues

Nikko was very clingy today toward me. I saw him eyeing Audrey while I held her in my lap and he'd come over head-first, trying to nudge her out of my arms. Nikko's pretty strong, so holding him back while trying not to let Audrey get crushed was very challenging. Somewhat fortunately today Jen was doing her evaluations on Nikko so we weren't going to have an active session. Instead, she was asking a bunch of questions regarding Nikko's developmental progress. Meanwhile, Nikko conked out in my lap on the kitchen floor, so I guess a much-needed nap was imminent for him. Ronin was toddling all over us while the evaluation took place and he was happy as a clam (oyster?) that he had an audience in which to wreak havoc. When Nikko woke up he was not happy, even though he was in my lap, and when I put Audrey in the exersaucer to keep her out of harm's way I watched Nikko look at her in a calculating way. I did get a little nervous when he stood in front of her, but he didn't do anything. That was the first time I ever felt an alarm in my head regarding her safety with Nikko.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I took the kids downstairs to run around, but Nikko didn't stay long. He went back upstairs and preferred to watch the train DVD. It's dinnertime right now, and he's incredibly giggly.

When I reviewed Nikko's progress with Jen, it was kind of sobering. There are many things that Nikko is not doing for himself, is not doing independently. He allows us to dress himself up, but he doesn't do it himself. He will crawl downstairs and upstairs, but he won't walk upright on his own. He eats primarily with his hands, even though he can use utensils, and doesn't try to feed himself with a fork or spoon. He's not exerting independence in much, except when trying to escape a diaper change. He still doesn't know how to jump with two feet off the ground, and I don't know how to teach him that except by imitation. I'll have to ask Shelly. This all sounds negative, and I know Shelly would emphasize to me that he's done a great many positive things, but realizing all the things he can't do is sobering. Speech, above all.

And then he does something that shows he is learning after all. I stood at the fridge refilling Ronin's juice and I said to Nikko at my feet, "Nikko, do you want more juice? Go get your sippy cup. Go get your cup and bring it to mommy." It took a few more chants, but he purposefully walked to his chair, got his yellow juice cup, and brought it to me. I was so happy to see that and gave him lots of praise. Nikko is beginning to understand that "More, please" means that he will receive more of something if he does those silly hand motions. And that's great progress.

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