Monday, February 23, 2009

A kiss?

This afternoon we all went to Pat and Anna's house to celebrate our February birthdays. Their house is light and airy, with plenty of space for kids to run around and a family room with Jovy's toys. I think Nikko had a good time looking around and playing with a Mickey Mouse push toy that had all these bells and whistles. He did prowl around looking at tabletops for food, as is his usual M.O. when he goes somewhere new. Luckily we placated him with an egg roll and cheese pizza to munch on. This didn't deter him from wanting the cake or cinammon rolls that appeared later, but we gave him small bites and cut him off when things started to get crazed for him. For some reason, he fell asleep on the way home as if he spent a lot of energy at that house.

When Nikko gets ready for bed, Denis gives him a bath and I join them in Nikko's room to help him get dressed. I think at the end of the day it's important for both of us to be there for Nikko. Right now it doesn't look like a sibling preference, I hope, because Audrey goes down first, Ronin second. I think Nikko needs just a little extra attention from his parents and this is the best time of day to do it, when we are all together. Nikko sits in Denis' lap while he reads nighttime stories or prayers. Then Nikko hops into bed, Denis kills the lamplight, and we kneel next to each other so Denis can lead the prayers.

Tonight, right after the prayers were done, I leaned toward Nikko to kiss him good night. Nikko was sitting straight up during prayers (sometimes he is face down) and when I leaned in, he looked square into my eyes and leaned toward me, too, as if he wanted to kiss me. I was surprised because he's never done that to me before, only Ronin has. I smiled and kissed him, and then gave him a big bear hug while trying not to cry. I was wondering if Nikko meant to lean in or if it was just a fluke? In any event, I gave him more hugs and kisses and told him I'd see him in the morning. Nikko is affectionate with me on his own terms, but I find that playing tickle games with him gets him to smile and laugh more, as well as illicits interaction with him. Sneaky? Maybe. But I'll do anything to get that eye contact from him.

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