Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday rush

Today was expected to be a busy day of shuffling Nikko around. Playgroup in the a.m. was better than last week but still had its issues. Nikko played with some brick blocks and didn't want to part with them when circle time started. He gravitated toward the toy kitchen and played appropriately with some utensils, which made it harder to pry him away to work on a craft. He did great during snack time, and when prompted he signed "More, please" with his orange-covered fingers. After playgroup, we went home, I dropped off Nikko and took Audrey to the chiro with me. Came back, and then we all loaded up to go see Shelly back at Clearbrook. He did OK during OT, not great. He could have been excessively tired, because his only nap was 10 minutes in the car. The rest of the evening was uncomplicated for Nikko.

I went searching for something to laminate cards. I am formulating a plan in my mind to laminate cards that read: BREAKFAST, LUNCH, SNACK, DINNER and then use them via PECS with velcro on the back. Gotta make the board first. I am planning on getting Nikko a routine for eating so that the grazing will stop. It's probably better for him that way, but I have to get the nerve to move forward on this. I can't let much more time pass, so at least by Sunday night/Monday I want to have started this new way of approaching meals.

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