Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Perfect Weather Day

Nikko had a very good session today during Speech Therapy. He didn't talk, mind you, but according to Gloria, he attended for nearly 45 minutes playing with blocks and farm animals and little wagons and airplanes appropriately. I saw it for myself as well. He verbalized a little bit during the session as well. Prior to Gloria's arrival I was absolutely dreading ST. I feared that he would not be cooperative and we'd spend the entire session restraining him as usual. Thankfully he surprised us all by sitting in the corner ready to play, and then actually playing.

The weather today was awesome, in the 60's for mid-February is pretty rare. I knew earlier in the day that I had to make sure the boys got to play outside somehow. Brianna would be here so she could certainly assist me. The only caveat was that I had a follow-up doctor's appointment scheduled at 3:30pm (I kept my earlier chiropractic appointment). I figured that by the time I got back home, it would be getting much later in the day and possibly colder. Therefore, I cancelled my doctor appointment and figured that I'd rather trade in the time spent over there for the time my boys could enjoy the weather outside instead of being cooped up indoors. I am so glad I made this decision. Brianna, Nikko, Ronin, Audrey and I headed to the Fairview playground. Unfortunately, so did all the after-school program kids. It was crowded, and I feared that Nikko would get knocked down by the bigger kids. I feared that Ronin would get trampled over because he's so small. I had Brianna watch Nikko run around on the playground equipment, but I took Ronin and Audrey for a walk around the block instead. We did manage to spend a little time in the backyard, however, so all was not lost. Ronin doesn't like the outdoors nearly as much as Nikko does, at least for now. But the more Ronin sees cars and trucks outside, the more he'll want to be outside. Nikko must have had a good time because later on he fell asleep on the couch 5:30-6:30pm. He's still a bit restless, as I heard him laughing in his room just now when he should already be sleeping. Possibly still wound up. He has DT tomorrow, and I am hoping that Ronin will behave with Chinny while Audrey takes a long nap. This is wishful thinking because her sleep schedule was thrown off this weekend.

Nikko is getting the hang of "More, please" when he really wants something. I still have to prompt it out of him, but other times he is sharp and willing to sign so that he gets what he wants. I think he's definitely being challenged by everyone lately. He is approaching me more for some reassurance, I think. He kinda hangs on me and looks up at me, or just wants me to stand next to him at the dinner table. Just stand there and do nothing. I have been giving him some reassuring hugs, so I hope that helps. What I haven't done is move forward on the PECS signs or the Meal signs. I really should, so that he doesn't have a relapse.

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