Saturday, February 28, 2009

No words yet

It was an easygoing day for Nikko today. It's good to hear him jargon a little bit every day. One of his peak jargoning times is first thing in the morning when I come into his room. He can be lying awake on the bed chattering to himself. There are many quiet periods throughout the day but he seems to be vocal when he is experiencing something pleasant or is extremely happy. I have heard some remnants of a Wow or a Go, but nothing functional yet. One would think that the words will just come out, but I think I understand when the therapists say that his comprehension has to be there before the words will come. If he just started spouting out words, repeating them if heard or from a song, it would be great to know that he can vocalize but there would be no meaning behind the words. That's why it's so important to develop his cognition and other areas before the words will come. I'm impatient with it all, but need to focus so I can keep my eye on the prize.

We didn't get to go out until later in the day. We went to the mall to make a return and to the grocery. I just felt strongly that the boys should get out of the house once in a while so they don't go stir-crazy. They should also continue to see other people and things around them. The mall was really crowded today so I think it was cool to watch the hustle and the bustle. It was later in the evening so they didn't get to run around in the store or anything, so maybe next time they'll get that chance.

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