Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This morning Nikko woke up in a good mood. In fact, Nikko and Ronin were both dressed and playing in the living room by 8am, even before the idea of breakfast. I don't know if Nikko was overly tired from the night before, but I noticed that this morning he was leaning on me while watching TV, almost seeking my company over playing with his trains. I took it as a sign that he needed more attention from me, after taking vigilant care of Ronin during his breathing episodes and now Audrey has a stuffy nose as well. If I went to my mom's house, someone else could hold Audrey while I hung out with Nikko.

That was the plan. But in traditional fashion, Nikko ended up in front of the TV and watched Hi-5 for the duration of the DVD. That DVD is 3 hours! Shame on me for letting him soak it all in, instead of encourage him to play in the living room. The sunroom wasn't in a conducive state of play, what with all the orchids around and no room to run. The basement is also not kid-friendly yet because the flooding has left a lot of things to stay in the open. Finally, the weather wasn't the greatest for Nikko to go out and play, unlike yesterday it was tolerable and Nikko found great joy in splashing in some puddles on the sidewalk. His pants, socks and shoes were happily drenched.

Nikko can sit in front of the TV for hours if something is in there that he likes, i.e. Hi-5 or either of the Real Trains for Kids DVDs. I have been able to coax a "More, please" out of him to get the train DVD repeated. Tomorrow is speech, and I REALLY hope Gloria can engage Nikko in a productive session. I am very concerned that there is no improvement in ST over the last few weeks. We've got to change something here if things proceed to stall out.

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