Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up

4/20/11 - School report - Speech: Worked on yes/no. Said "Hi Ms. Winters"!

I haven't posted in a few days. Nothing's wrong, we had Easter at my mom's house today, it's just that I'm sitting back and watching Nikko, listening and thinking about stuff. His sing-songy self is constant. Jenna and Kathy noted this during his ABA session on Thursday, that he can get preferred tasks completed but easily gets distracted. He had a good speech session on Friday morning with Karen. She pushes him to request things and he seems to comply, as she waits him out through any frustrations he has. She also noted that he has problems filtering out background noise.

I received Nikko's OT evaluation in the mail. Karen Conkle, the lady who conducted the eval, warned me on that day that the report would sound very negative, but in actuality she saw a lot of good things during the eval. But his actual eval states a lot of the things I already knew. Little attention span. Unfocused. Prefers his own activities. Low muscle tone. I really hope we'll be able to get him OT over the summer. I think it will make a world of difference before K starts.

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