Thursday, April 28, 2011

On-paper gains

4/27/11 School Report - Speech: Seemed very tired today. Kept putting his head on the table. Worked on requesting, vocab and questions.

I don't know why, but Nikko's been waking up around 5:50am, opening his child-proof knobbed door, racing down the hall to our room and leaping into our bed. He babbled and babbled for about 40 minutes when I finally, grumpily escorted him out of the room and into the living room to await his sibs' wakings. And he stayed awake until I put him on the bus. I don't know if he falls asleep going to school, and I really hope he does. I know that he was sleeping on the way home from school and I hope that extra boost helped him have a successful ABA session with Rebecca.

Two things to note: yesterday Nikko was sitting at the kitchen table with a tablet of blank paper in front of him and markers strewn across the surface. I wasn't even paying attention to him until I walked by and saw that he had drawn an assortment of circle shapes on the paper. They looked like blobs, some ovals and other misshapen circles, but they were indeed circles all on one page. I praised him for his artistic efforts and made note to tear out that page and save it.

The second thing happened today. In his backpack there was a sheet of paper with his name written in yellow marker. Underneath he had attempted to copy the letters. I asked Nikko what it was and he said, "N, I, K, K, O." He didn't say "Nikko" so I don't know if he understood it was his name. I ran my finger under the letters and said "Nikko!" but he spelled each letter out again. That's fine with me, quite honestly. I'll take it!

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