Sunday, April 10, 2011

Med shift?

No accidents today, but that is only because I watched Nikko like a hawk. Every time he disappeared down the hallway, every time he turned into his room, my head would appear around the corner and I'd ask, "Nikko, want to change your diaper?" I didn't have the PECS diaper picture with me because there's supposed to be one in his room, but he took it into his bed and it's lost within the sheets. He was not fetching the other picture from the kitchen either, so I'd verbally lead him into his room and change him there. Only once did he emerge from Ronin's room with his shirt off and his sweatpants below his hips, about to thumb off his diapers before I came around the corner. A few times he chanted, "Take a bath" as if he soiled his diaper and we should take him into the bathroom.

I just had a thought.

I think I'm going to call the gastro tomorrow and tell her I'd like to switch Nikko back to Miralax. I think the mineral oil could be causing Nikko to feel like something is constantly dripping from his butt, which is TRUE, and that is causing him to have this need to be changed. It's not about getting him on the toilet, because he's not showing an interest in the toilet at all. This leakage is creating a new behavior. I think I'm seeing the same results right now that I saw with the Miralax at the capful level. Thus, I think Nikko is being over-medicated. The gastro made this conclusion at the 3 tablespoon level with mineral oil, but we're reducing his dosage here. Why didn't she do this at the Miralax capful level? As a baseline, why didn't we go backwards from 1/2 capful? Perhaps she wanted to see what lactulose and mineral oil would do. She keeps mentioning the Fletcher's, but Nikko doesn't like the taste of it. Try giving him a teaspoon of that every night. Nope!

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  1. what about getting a second opinion from a different or new gastro? I would look at this like any other disease or medical problem as getting a second opinion might be what helps Nikko with this problem.