Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Ice Cream" phrase

For a few weeks now, Nikko has been carrying around what looks like a plastic egg carton carried (without the bottom, so it looks like a ladder frame) and he put six little fabric ice cream balls in each square. They fall out when not strategically placed in its own square, so it's a pain to find these balls when they become loose.

Tonight I was driving home from the in-laws when I turned around briefly to glance at the kids. Nikko saw my head turn and he locked his eyes on me.

"Dropped the ice cream," he said.

"Oh yeah? Let me see if I can reach it." I was at a red light, thankfully, so I quickly reached behind my seat (not an easy feat) and was able to scoop up one of the balls on the car floor and hand it back to Nikko. It dawned on me that he actually TOLD me an independent thought, something that he didn't repeat back to me. He did this earlier today, possibly yesterday, when we were in the kitchen, but I can't remember what phrase was said. This was the most distinct, and I wanted to get it recorded so I don't forget when it happened.

I'm noting this because on Tuesday I had started giving Nikko half a capsule of a Culturelle probiotic in his morning juice/chocolate milk. On the same day I started his 1/2 capful of Miralax. I would like to think that the probiotic might "help" Nikko's speech somehow.

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