Monday, April 4, 2011


Nikko came into the kitchen and pulled at my hand.
"What's up, Nikko?"
"Oh really? What kind of car?"
"Racing car?"
"OK, let's go look for your car in the living room." I am pretty tired from going to bed so late and therefore was on the verge of crabbiness. I don't enjoy looking for the kids' lost toys under couches and in dusty corners, but it has to be done or they'll be lost forever.

After digging through a few bins I say, "Nikko, what color is the car? What color is it?"

He replies, "Yellow car."

"OK! I exclaim, "this helps narrow down our search!" Luckily, I found the car on an eye-level table a few feet away, whereas minutes before I was scouring the toy bins. Nikko was content with my find and I prompted a Thank You Mommy from him.

Why is this exciting? Because Nikko is able to communicate with me that he has a need. Because Nikko understood the question I was asking him, and answered it appropriately. That he knew his car was yellow, even though it was out of his sight.

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  1. Oh my gosh - that is SUPER awesome, Melissa!!!
    Nikko is doing amazing - great job Nikko, and great job momma!!!!