Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow weekend

3/31/11 - School Report - Bathroom: Had a loose bowel movement. Brown - with a lot of gas! (On the toilet! Yay!)

4/1/11 - School Report - Speech: Liked singing. Worked on vocab, requesting & ?'s.

Not much to post this weekend. On Saturday we took the kids to an Asian supermarket called Assi International. Our goal was to get Thai basil for a dish, but we ended up exploring the place. The seafood section was HUGE and had the freshest fish, crab and lobster around. Right in front of me were trays of fresh fish and squid. No wonder the place smelled so fishy. There were bins of blue shell crabs making their last, slow crawl of their lives, and a fish tank of lobsters and larger crabs. I liked the place.

Today (Sunday) we had a playdate at Jovy and Max's house. Nikko didn't do a lot of interacting but was able to work around the rooms and didn't pick any fights with Max, who happens to be 18 months old. Unfortunately, Nikko had three poop smears in a row so I'll certainly be calling the gastro's office tomorrow to reiterate what an epic fail we're having with mineral oil.

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