Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nikko in a nutshell

Since I'm sitting here waiting for my damp hair to dry, I figured I could do some quick typing of 7 numbered needs and supports.

Today was Nikko's IEP meeting. It went well and despite my underlying fears that Nikko will be eaten alive in Kindergarten, I was pleased with the accommodations and supports that will be made available to him next year. I will type the goals another night, but for now I wanted to get the Autism Considerations documented. I believe the school team and Linda created this sheet, which basically profiles Nikko, his needs and what supports should be given to him:

1. Verbal and nonverbal communication needs
Student Needs: Nikko demonstrates significant verbal and nonverbal language delays. Nikko uses single words and a few rote phrases to communicate inconsistently. Adult prompting is needed to elicit verbal communication including greeting, answering questions and requesting. He can be observed to use non-purposeful verbalization including singing/humming when he is not actively engaged in an activity.

Supports Identified: Continued use of picture schedule and picture choice boards during the day. Nikko requires others to be very intrusive to gain his attention. Wait time is required for Nikko to verbally request an object before it is given.

2. Social interaction skills and proficiencies
Student Needs: Nikko is not yet consistently responding to greeting and needs verbal and visual cues. When he does respond to greeting he will repeat "hi Nikko." Nikko plays functionally with toys appropriately. He will play alongside with peers using the same materials. He continues to need adult facilitation to maintain turn-taking.

Supports Identified: Adult facilitation and direct instruction on how to play/interact with peers. Teach use of appropriate social phrases. Direct practice of social skills.

3. Needs resulting from unusual responses to sensory experiences
Student Needs: Nikko shows an increased need for deep pressure inputs. He can be sensitive at times to loud noises.

Supports Identified: Use of frequently scheduled movement breaks. Use cube chair to define personal space. Use of visual cues to help with coping.

4. Needs resulting from resistance to environmental change or change in daily routines.
Student Needs: Nikko is generally compliant with changes to routine but he can become anxious or upset when a preferred activity is denied.

Supports Identified: Use of visual picture schedule. Verbal reassurance and use of scripted coping statements.

5. Needs resulting from engagement in repetitive activities and stereotyped movements.
Student Needs: Nikko has shown great improvement in this area. He no longer lines up toys. He will still look at objects out of the corner of his eye but this has significantly decreased this year. When moving in the hallway, Nikko frequently is seen to drag his hand or body along the wall.

Supports Identified: Visual, verbal and physical redirection for increased participation.

6. Need for any positive behavioral interventions, strategies and supports.
Student Needs: requires hand-over-hand to learn new motor tasks. Break down directions.

Supports Identified: Positive reinforcement. Break down directions. Hand over hand to learn new motor tasks. Scripted language cues. Modeling appropriate behavior.

7. Other needs which impact progress in the general curriculum, including social and emotional development.
Student Needs: Lack of sustained attention and focus interferes with participation. His demonstration [of] skills is inconsistent. Nikko can be seen to avoid activities and it is difficult to determine if he is able to do the activity or is avoiding the task.

Supports Identified: Verbal, visual, physical redirectioning. Consistent review of learning skills. Break down tasks. Use of firm, intrusive, direct commands to make sure Nikko understand what is expected of him.

Another document I liked that wasn't the actual IEP but was the additional notes page:

On the 4/18/11 meeting, it was recommended that Nikko should begin kindergarten by attending 30 minutes of the opening routine and 30 minutes of centers, music, library and P.E. Nikko will begin by attending 1-hour per day in kindergarten and gradually increase time spent in the kindergarten classroom. Time not spent in kindergarten will be used for ABA and work station time. Discrete Trials/ABA and work situation should be at least 4 days per week.

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