Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monster trucks

4/12/11 School Report - OT: Tolerated swing for a few minutes. Did great shape drawing at wipe off board but then at table- did very little on paper. Worked on cutting.
ST: Good job making choices today: "blue box" or "green box". Good job with no; with is this [person's name]? Worked on vocab and wh?.

This morning, Ronin was at the kitchen table playing with two monster trucks when Nikko came over, took one and started running it back and forth. It took place within 6 or 7 seconds, and then Nikko walked away to get something from another table.

Ronin said, "Nikko, play with me," and he tried to give Nikko a truck.

Nikko wasn't even looking at Ronin anymore. He looked over Ronin's head and was lining up a red felt barn.

Ronin repeated, "Nikko, play with me," and kept trying to hand over a truck to Nikko, and I felt my heart breaking into little pieces. I took Ronin into my lap and told him that Nikko was distracted and had moved on to playing something else, but maybe he would play with Ronin later on. Ronin looked very disappointed and walked away dragging his feet. My suggestion to find Audrey and ask her to play was heard with deaf ears.

At Nikko's OT evaluation at 10a, we sat on the busy side of APT to wait for the evaluation to end. Ronin brought his trucks and befriended another boy in the waiting room who also had monster trucks, albeit bigger ones. They ran their trucks around the room, under chairs, crashing them into the air and each other. Ronin had a blast with this kid named Brice. I heard Brice ask Ronin, "How old are you?"

"I'm three years old," Ronin replied.

"Three!" Brice was surprised. When Ronin asked his age, Brice replied, "Five." They chitchatted about how old each would be in two years, and then they went back to crashing monster trucks together. I was relieved that Brice didn't write off Ronin as a little baby toddler, and I was thankful that Ronin was able to hold his own in a conversation with a complete stranger boy. It made me wistful later on that Ronin had so much fun playing with this stranger boy and could not muster up one iota of interest in his own brother. It is not fair.

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