Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Average Speech Day (without the speech)

This morning was speech therapy. Chinny woke up late so she'd arrive late. We had to start the session with Ronin crawling over everything, wanting to be in the middle of our circle, wanting to be the only one sitting in my lap. Luckily, Audrey was sitting next to me gnawing on teething rings and stuffed whatnot, but she got cranky at the end of it. Meanwhile, Nikko was being Noodleman, but managed to engage slightly with Gloria. She brought play food and dishes, a kiddie toaster that popped bread, some farm block toys, her circular animal stringing toy, and Mr. Potato Head. Her report states that Nikko's attention was scattered but he has shown an increase in interaction skills. He gave hi-fives and also shook his head "no" appropriately when he didn't want something to be a certain way. Gloria said that things look good with Nikko, but doesn't deny that he has a long way to go. After therapy we got to lunch, and I pretty much had to run out the door with Audrey to drop her off at Atz's house and go to the chiro. Chinny told me later that Ronin got over my absence more easily than Nikko did, but Nikko finally calmed down and ate his lunch. He was also curious when Chinny baked the Rhodes bread (dinner rolls) and demanded some when she took them out to check the middle of the pan. He had to wait, of course, but when I came home later he was running around with some of it in his hands so he must have complied. It was a Hi-5 afternoon, really, and it seemed to just go by rather quickly. I had gone to the grocery after chiro (he suggested that next time we'll consult with an orthopedist if the traction didn't work on my back this week --it's not-- and we'll probably go the route of a cortisone shot.) and had to unload when I came home. Chinny left early, and I really can't remember doing much significant in the living room in the later half of the day except be in front of the TV. Diaper changes took time, I'm sure. Nikko had swim class with Denis and he came back looking fine and smelling like chlorine. He ate his dinner and then after dinner we sat in the living room while I caught up on American Idol. I didn't mean to watch the whole thing on the DVR but there were only 5 contestants. It set bedtimes back a bit, unfortunately. Nikko seemed pretty tired because he didn't go down for a nap all day again. During Idol he just wanted to sit in my lap and lounge, and I did my best to allow him that attention while I sat next to a nose-frothing Audrey. Ronin wanted my attention, too, and I gave him hugs but I also tried to divert him to Denis so that I could pay some attention to Nikko. Bathtimes and bedtime arrived. Tomorrow we have nothing on the calendar except another HVAC guy coming for an estimate. Nikko will be curious and will want to go downstairs, I'm sure. Yesterday I put on his Crocs so he could walk into the utility room, and he was excited to be in a new room that he hadn't explored, but he also started grabbing broomsticks/mops and anything that poked out. I certainly didn't want him dragging anything around that was dirty so I had to usher him out again. I think it's best to keep him out of that room. Ronin too.

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