Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Blueberry Muffin

Audrey woke up at 6:15a, probably because she heard Denis wake up. She didn't go back to sleep and so I took her into the bed with me...and she was wide awake. I had to get up and feed her. This is when I found out that my back was on fire. I don't know if it was sleeping flat on my back or the chronic pain I've had since Wednesday, but I didn't think I could last the weekend so I arranged an appointment to see the Good Doctor, as well as have Atz help me watch the kids.

The boys woke up early, too, probably because they heard Audrey complaining that I was too slow to get her some food. The boys were basically dressed and ready to eat in the kitchen by 7:45a. VERY EARLY for me. We didn't have any banana power struggles this morning because I decided to give Nikko microwave pancakes and syrup instead. I think Nikko liked it, but it's a Jewel brand so they were getting hard quickly. After breakfast we congregated into the living room, where later Audrey got exhausted and I put her down for a long nap. Nikko was playing with a miniature stuffed Elmo that we got from Amy & Derwin. In the past I've showed it to him and got him to feed it with a spoon. I've "walked" Elmo's feet on Nikko. And I've had Elmo give Nikko high five's. But today I saw Nikko take Elmo's hands and clap them together in applause. He did this a few times and I praised him for it.

Although the weather was gorgeous today, we didn't go outside to play because I had to get lunch and then get everyone to Atz's house so I could go see the chiropractor. It was really windy outside today, too. When I was dropping them off, there were the obvious meltdowns at the time of departure. But later Atz told me that they were downstairs and got over it. She gave Ronin a banana and they became fast friends. She gave Nikko a blueberry muffin and he inspected it curiously. He took a finger to scrape the top of it, sniffed it and licked it, but didn't ingest the whole thing. She thought it was funny and peculiar, and I can picture Nikko wondering if the muffin was edible. The boys did well, but crying, screaming Audrey did not. Sadly, I'm not surprised, and I am grateful that Atz will help me with my kiddies when I don't think I could pay another person to help me.

We went home, had a diaper change, replenished the food bag, and then headed back out with Denis to go to his parent's house for dinner. We haven't seen them in a month because the kiddies were sick two weeks ago. Nikko didn't sit in a chair, which I'm not crazy about when we go there, so it was hard to pin him down to eat his nuggets. He did want to sit in my lap while I was eating, however, so I fed him a few. Later on he got pretty sweaty running around the already-warm living room, so a bath was imminent before we left. He fell asleep on the way home, which is rare. When I think back to today I think he got a nap on the way to Atz's house, but I'm not sure. It probably wasn't long enough anyway. Tomorrow we plan on meeting up with Anna, Pat and Jovy to go to Constructive Playthings in Skokie. I have been dying to go there again to see what kind of things I can buy for the boys. I have to make a list, but I want to get play food for sure. It's a therapist's dream store, really, and I got some good deals the last time I was there. In the afternoon we have Jack and Joshua's birthday party to go to, so note to self, I'll try to find a gift for one of the boys at CP.

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