Sunday, April 19, 2009

A good mood day

Nikko was relatively smiley all day with me (except when I left the room or left his side or didn't give in to his requests). He again started the day by wanting a vitamin to nibble on. I need to take a picture of the jar of vitamins so that he can have that as one of his choices to make. He pulls me to the cabinet and just stands in front of it, signing More Please or just Please. If I didn't already know what was behind the door then he would never get what he wanted. I'd like to give him a choice between vitamins or Ovaltine and wonder which one he would pick. It would probably be better to give him the vitamins as one choice and something boring as the other choice... that's probably the recommended way to do it.

One really cute thing he did today had to do with a play cell phone. For the past few days it's been all about Ronin taking the phone to his ear and mimicking us talking. Audrey would just take the phone and eat it. Today, Nikko took the phone and put it to my ear. WOW! I said hello into the phone, and put it up to his own ear, but he ran away. I thought that was really nice, and that we need to show Nikko more things that he can imitate. When Cyndi was here she brought a load of play food. I already own velcro vegetables, but perhaps we need to up the ante just a little bit and have some play dishware. That fake pizza sure goes well with little kids!

It wasn't until later in the day that we got out of the house to partake in a little bit of the warm weather. We went to Costco and Jewel and for some reason I didn't have much luck in Jewel with forgetting my preferred card, then a gallon of water was leaking on me. Luckily Audrey fell asleep instead of remained crabby. When we got home we ran the kiddies around a little bit before dinner. Nikko didn't nap all day so he was really tired around 9pm, fell asleep on the couch armrest but woke up when I put him in bed. He cried out in protest when we left the room, but I'm sure he was tired enough to fall asleep on his own.

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