Monday, April 20, 2009

Prepared for Monday?

It's a little after 11pm and I think I'm in denial that tomorrow will happen. It will be the first time I have to navigate the three kiddies without any help using the triple stroller. I haven't started envisioning how things will go, but I think I better get crackin'. I usually plan backwards, and I have to think about what to bring to keep Audrey happy. She's going to be in the room with me since Shirley Syfu didn't write me back to let me know her rules in the playgroup. Maybe she didn't get my email, who knows? I'm nervous again because Ronin will have to go to the daycare and he will be pretty upset when we leave. They have comforted him before, put him in a stroller with his rice milk, so I'll make sure to pack that along with some animal crackers. I have to make sure I label his bag for his allergies, too. Gotta pack a separate bag for Ronin, and then one jointly for Audrey and Nikko. THEN I have to make sure I remember to put the triple stroller in the Pilot tomorrow morning. Geez. I need to aim to leave the house by 9am to get to the daycare on time. So, final diaper changes if any should be at 8:45. Breakfast needs to be by 8am. I guess it's a good thing that Audrey has been waking up at 7am for the past few days. Bad for me coz I'm so tired, but I need to adjust, I guess. Nikko has been waking up around 8am. I'll have to push these guys around earlier.

Today was uneventful. We didn't have any plans to venture out today, so I tried to keep our routine of breakfast, play, put Audrey down for a nap, try to nap during Hi-5, lunch, then play in the basement until Ronin's naptime, then Audrey's naptime, MAYBE Nikko will nap too, snack them all after naps, play, play, then dinner, chill, bathtime and bedtime. I broke out some blocks for Nikko and tried to play with him while his sibs slept. I built upward and so did he. He built a tall tower and got frustrated when it teetered and fell. Eventually he lost interest but I was comforted that he sat in front of me and built with me. Sometimes he added on to my little thick tower. He did build some things horizontally but it was short-lived. Nikko gave me so much eye contact today. He tries to read my face a lot. He likes to stand on my chair behind me when I'm sitting in it, then peers at my face over my shoulder. Nikko still has a knack for retreating into his own world, but tickles can bring him out of it. Still very, very clingy. I had a good conversation today with Anna about using the visual schedule and about using mirrors. Shelly had given me some PEC schedules to start, but if I'm going to use actual pictures then I need a bigger schedule board, or to make one with choices. Ok, this is going to be my priority, including reading the behavioral intervention activities in Cyndi's book.

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