Friday, April 10, 2009

Triple Stroller!

I am tired of these colds! Nikko is not affected by it as badly as the rest of us are. He just has a goopy nose that he wipes on his sleeves. But today he felt just a tad warm. We didn't go outside today because it was chilly, even though it was deceptively sunny. Last night on I typed in Triple Stroller and came across a lady selling hers for $100 and she lives in Wheeling. I jumped at the opportunity and emailed her back about it, but was also worried because the posting had been up all day and since triple strollers are a hot commodity I thought it would surely be gone by now. Luckily today, she called me and said it was still available. I drove over there and was kinda blown away by their backyard. The house was not really up-t0-date, but was a big wooden two-floor house. I couldn't even tell you if it was an added-on ranch or a split level because it looked like it was two houses built on top of each other. I went to the back and was welcomed by a ton of Little Tikes outdoor climbers and swings, lots of big wheelers, and wood chips on the ground. There were also a lot of little kids around and so I honestly thought it was a daycare. The lady (Andrea) came out and I found out that they were all her kids except for one. The triple stroller was in very good condition, just not used very much. It's big, fills up the entire back of the Pilot, but I think I really scored on this one. The Baby Trend strollers go for $250 and up on ebay, so it's impossible for me to bid on them. I think it's going to make my life just a little easier during the week and when I take the kiddies to the clinic.

When I got home, Nikko's mood took a different turn. I think he didn't nap all day again so perhaps he was just overly tired but he was going bezerk upstairs. I took the kids into the basement and Denis helped to run him out, but again he was throwing some tantrums. Perhaps he was overtired or overstimulated, but it took A LOT to calm him down. I still haven't figured out what was happening to him. In any event, he fell asleep so quickly that we didn't even finish the nighttime prayers. I hope he'll be ok tomorrow.

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