Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We all have colds.

We all have colds. I think Nikko is doing the best out of us all, with a slightly runny nose. I am congested and have a headache. Ronin is runny and unhappy. Audrey is runny and isn't eating properly. Oh happy day(s).

Nikko had escape issues only in the beginning part of Speech therapy today, but otherwise he stayed in our corner and did well on the first two projects. Gloria brought a dollhouse with some Little People figurines. It was also electronically interactive. Nikko showed some interest in the dolls and liked the sounds. Then we moved to the pegs with peg board. He was interested in the peg board a lot, and later got to linking the pegs. We spent a lot of time on this. The magnetic puzzle is proving to be a stump for us; Nikko is only interested in one side of it, so Gloria will probably stop bringing it. We also played with her Mr. Potato Heads and Nikko did a good job of putting on the faces, arms, hats and legs. Gloria's notes say we should continue to give him a choice between two things. I agree. I also need to find more songs for finger plays.

Chinny was here to help out with Ronin. They are getting along nicely, although Ronin threw a mini-fit when she first appeared in the living room to take him away from the dollhouse. But once they were downstairs I didn't hear any opposition. After lunch, Mom showed up so that I could go to the chiropractor. When I came back, everyone seemed pretty calm. Nikko had taken a short nap (actually, they all did). The next big activity for him was swim class in the evening, which he went to with Denis. When they came back, I served Nikko his dinner. Denis went downstairs to do computer stuff and Nikko got up to follow him. His dinner was half-eaten so I made him go back and sit down to finish. He protested, and started going downstairs but he wouldn't go all the way unless I was going. I refused to go, because I knew he would continue eating when he came back up and that's not what I wanted him to do. I told him that if he went downstairs he would not be allowed to eat when he came back up, and he'd go hungry. Not that he understood any of that, but I sent him to his chair with a 5-4-3-2-1 and he ran to it, but protesting. Still, he stayed in his seat and finished the nuggets on his plate, so maybe he really was hungry enough to stay. The rest of the night was short because Ronin and Audrey needed to go to bed. They are more under the weather than Nikko. Nikko just followed me around while I prepared diapers and such. I felt bad that I wasn't able to interact with him more. Tomorrow we'll be at Atz's house midday because I'm hopefully getting an MRI on my back, so the kiddies will be hanging out with the cousins. And Grant.

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