Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five. *sigh*

This wasn't the best day we could have had, but we survived it anyway. It really didn't start out well either. The not-so-bad part was that Nikko wanted to wear a green onesie I had put out, but he was already wearing a striped onesie that was fine. I like that he wanted to have a "say" in his clothing choice. I should continue to give him choices.

All the kiddies were up and I had breakfast going before Speech. Lately Nikko has been lazy about eating his cut-up bananas. They would sit on his plate and I would have to fork some into his mouth if they were ever going to disappear. On occasion he'd throw one in his mouth, but perhaps he's just getting tired of them? This morning he opted to grab the long swiffer mop and bring it to the table. I allowed that, but when he started lifting it up and putting the mop head onto the table I made him put it down on the floor. He refused me again and again. I tried to feed him while this was going on. Finally I took the swiffer away and put it into the bathroom. Imagine the screaming and tantruming that followed. I told Nikko, "First eat banana, then you can have the stick." No matter how many different ways I told him this, he continued to cry and scream. He let me feed him all the while, however, but even that was a struggle. Once the bananas were finished I went straight to the bathroom and gave him back the mop, true to my word. He was still pretty mad about it for minutes afterward. Then I get a call from Chinny that she wasn't feeling well and probably wasn't going to make it to therapy. I asked if she could still come later because I had a chiro appointment, and if she couldn't make it then please let me know right now so I could call Atz and coordinate dropping off the kids with her. Chinny said she could make it later, so I told her to get some rest and see you later. Can't say that I wasn't disappointed in that situation, because now I had to have a therapy session with both Audrey and Ronin as distractions. I tried to prep the therapy corner by putting toys for Audrey and books and rice milk for Ronin. Still, he didn't cooperate as much as I would have liked. Audrey was surprisingly calm until the very last few minutes of ST, because she was getting cranky and it was close to naptime. As for Nikko, his session was not the greatest. Gloria started out using play food and dishes, but he was hooked on the knives so we had to close up shop on that bag of toys. We did some stringing, playing with the piggy bank, some tractor/farm animal play (but had to remove the fence because he wasn't using it purposefully), and the magna doodle which didn't captivate him as much. Noodleman was back, for sure. Having Ronin running around, crawling into Gloria's bags, into our laps, fighting with Nikko over the toys, and expressing his disapproval of not being included was just the biggest distraction. Even though I was happy to see him around, and I love watching him explore things, it's just not appropriate for Ronin to be around Nikko's therapy sessions.

At the end of therapy, Gloria was writing her notes and remarking that Nikko is still coming along, but it's going to take a long time. And then she said, "I have a little boy who's turning three and he's ready, but he's not talking. Someone explain that one. As for Nikko, I hope he'll be talking before he turns 5."


OK, that set me into a mental panic. Nikko's body is not in sync with his mind yet, and that's one of the reasons it's not possible for him to talk; the comprehension is not there yet. Is it really possible that Nikko will not have any words for the next two years? I think I'm going to throw up.

After therapy I got Audrey down for a nap and then chilled out with the boys until lunchtime. Chinny showed up around then, and there was mass chaos when it was time for me to leave. She had to hold Nikko back and I had to scoop Ronin back into the kitchen so I could exit all at once. I ran off to the chiro with Audrey, who behaved throughout my traction treatment. We did a quick Costco run on the way home. I went to the one in Glenview because that's where I thought they still carried Nikko's Dino Nuggets. When I got there, I saw no Dino Nugget in sight and only saw Mickey Mouse staring back at me. I was pissed. Dino Nuggets were the only reason I went to the Costco in Glenview and made this extra trip with Audrey in the rain. The only saving grace was that while in the checkout line I saw a woman with a econo-sized box of rice milk. Our Costco doesn't carry that, so I ran to the milk aisle, did some quick calculations, and decided that it would be a good buy. We'll give it a test run and see. Oh, as a side note, people at the Glenview Costco, both inside and outside, do not seem to know how to stay in their own driving lane. Two different Lexus SUV drivers drove directly at me while I was on the right side of an aisle. I had to move (why did I have to be the one to move???) or be hit, or be put in an awkward position. And inside the store was worse... people don't seem to run their carts on the right side of the aisles; they walk on the right and the middle. I have no idea what was going on today, but it was so lopsided and crazy. GEEZ.

Back at home there were no fires to put out. Ronin is being challenging to me. Nikko seemed fine and was later on headed to swim class with Denis. We ended the day ok, but it seems like the boys went to bed later than usual because it just feels really late right now. I feel like I didn't get much done tonight after bedtimes.

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