Thursday, April 9, 2009

MRI day for me

I forgot to mention that before speech yesterday the TV was off in the living room. Nikko had remembered the obstacle course I made the day before and tried to replicate it by lugging over the green ottoman, an empty rubbermaid and strategically placing the floor pillow at the end of the "runway". I also saw him looking at his reflection in the TV. He was really watching himself run back and forth, twirl and flap his arms. Gloria said it's great self-awareness. Yea!

Today I had an MRI done on my back. I had to take the kiddies to Atz's house. I started them on their lunch and then bolted out the door because I was running late. I actually had a nap in the MRI machine. Don't know how I was able to sleep over the noises it was making, but a tired, sick mom is capable of that and more, I'm sure. When I got back I found out that Ronin was crashed out on the couch sleeping (and acting lethargic. Worried that he was having a relapse, but he was probably just really tired from being ill) and Nikko was holding two poles like skis. Neither kid finished their lunch, so I fed it to them when we got home. Nikko was somewhat clingy today, but did let me get some things done at home. He is really into Hi-5 so when I put it on TV he is glued to it. He's still able to play with other things, but having the TV on in general is probably very distracting. Our neighbor Rachel and her son Alex came over to give us some of his old toys and a lot of books. The kids loved everything, and I love the fact that there are new things in the house to distract them.

I don't think I'm going to have Nikko go to playgroup tomorrow because he still has green slime coming out of his nose. Audrey's nose is also a waterfall and if I bring her and put her in the bjorn she will look like an oozing mess.

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