Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is that NO or NO?

WELL, it looks like I didn't have to use the triple stroller after all. I actually nixed the idea last night while I thought about how I was going to carry Audrey around if she fell asleep in her carseat. It was also raining this morning and I had never used the triple stroller at this point, so I'd be struggling to figure things out. Stressing out about it is more like it. I took the double, and packed the kiddies in the Pilot along with everything that I planned, dropped Ronin off in the daycare, and then found out that the playgroup was cancelled because Shirley had a sick kid. I spoke to Peg about it, and wished that someone had called me before I lugged everyone out to the clinic. Grrrrrr. Well, it happens. I hope that Shirely will get in touch with me so that we don't have a miscommunication about next week's playgroup. I felt so bad for Nikko because I wanted him to run around in the playgroup setting, but we had to turn around and go home. After getting up early and getting the kiddies ready and out the door, I just didn't have enough motivation to take the kiddies to mom's house in the afternoon. I was spent! The weather was so gloomy. I got the kids into the basement for some running around, but I think they are getting bored with the layout. I'm going to have to change things up a bit down there, but have to think about what I'm going to do. Probably will have to designate some spots for toys and books so that everything isn't just laying around like it is now. Will maybe have to get some comfy chairs and/or a table for them, too. The mats take up the most room so I'll have to be picky with furniture choices. That trampoline's gotta go back to the clinic.

Another day of Nikko giving me some wonderful eye contact. But, it's eye contact on his terms. It's in the kitchen that he is really motivated by food. When I tell him to go sit down if he wants something, 9-10 times he'll scamper to his chair. Sometimes he stands there as if he didn't understand me, but after 3 -4 times he'll take off for his chair. He has begun to shake his head "NO" if he doesn't want us to sing a particular song. I wonder if this use of NO is starting to be consistent if he doesn't want something. Nikko is still whining for things and throwing tantrums if he doesn't get it, but when we are quiet and want to sing songs, he will shake NO if he doesn't want a particular song. Emerging action? Possibly. Tomorrow we have speech with Gloria. I'm also looking forward to getting more Traction in my chiro appointment. Yea!

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