Thursday, April 16, 2009

A calm day

An uneventful day in that we didn't go anywhere. Mom is illin' so we didn't go to her house. Atz and Allie came over to hang out for an hour, and that was great. Her intention was so that if I needed to run errands or clean up something, she could hang with the kiddies. But sheets were in the dryer and I had just washed the lunch dishes so nothing was available to do per se. And when she comes over, I'd rather hang and chat instead of work on a project anyway. She had some great ideas for a temporary fence, so we'll keep working together on that. The rest of the day was ok, with no big meltdowns from Nikko. He almost fell asleep for a nap; I had just picked up Ronin in the nursery and Nikko crawled up onto the ottoman glider while I sat with Ronin, and then Nikko was falling asleep right on the glider. I tried to move him to the couch since he could fall right off the glider if he stirred, but he woke up completely and stayed awake the rest of the day. He has been giving me some really good eye contact, just like yesterday. He's just checking me out, not necessarily looking at me as if he wanted to have a conversation, but he's definitely meeting my gaze. Before I gave Ronin a bath I tried to do some roughhousing with Nikko by spinning him around to music and making him jump on the couch cushions. I don't think it revved up his system too much for him to settle down later, which is always the concern according to Shelly the OT. Tomorrow is our busy day so I'll have to see how much Velcro Man he'll be in the morning. By the way, Atz said that the bruise on his leg looked more like a spider bite than an actual contact bruise. The yellow bump in the middle is probably an infection from the venom. Eeeeeeewwwwww. Remind me never to let another spider go free again.

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