Thursday, April 2, 2009

More little things, quiet day

A quiet day. We didn't go anywhere but I tried to stay on top of anything different. Nikko has a habit of wiping his mouth on his sleeves, and on other people when he is eating. He was joint-eating Denis' oatmeal and would wipe his mouth on the front of Denis' shirt. When Nikko wanted more oatmeal, he would take the chair next to Denis and move it closer so that he could climb on that chair and then hook his legs into Denis' lap. I'd say he moved that chair with a definite purpose!

After lunch I took the kids into the basement to run off some steam before naptime. Ronin was running full speed around the mats and Nikko was doing the same. Nikko would stand in a corner and run full speed right into a foof chair. That's exactly what we had hoped he would do, to satisfy his need for crashing. He also ran around the mats, following the white lines of the ring. Both boys have been very good about going upstairs and downstairs when I make announcements that it's time to leave. Unfortunately, Nikko did not take a nap this afternoon like I had hoped. While the other two napped I thought he would also unwind, but he eluded sleep. I hope this doesn't affect him tomorrow because it will be just me with all three as we go about our busy Thursday schedule.

Finally, in the late afternoon the boys had pulled out the mega blocks and I'm happy to say that Nikko was building in a non-stimming way. He started piling the blocks upward instead of horizontally and it even looked sky scraper-ish. Nikko also got angry if Ronin would become destructive to his creation, but didn't totally push Ronin away if Ronin added a few blocks to the height of the tower.

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