Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Backed up again

*************TMI ALERT************
OK. Until I get Nikko to see a doctor, be it the holistic one or some other one, I am going to increase his miralax dosage to half a capful. I'll still put in the MoPo because there are probiotics in there. I will look into another probiotic if this doesn't work.

As I predicted, Nikko seemed to be backed up this morning. His poop has been peanut butter smears that are soft and not longer or thicker than my thumb. With all the fiber he ate yesterday, it had to be somewhere. I committed to unplugging him if he went into his therapy session unsuccessfully. He started out the session fine, but toward the end he got upset and crabby after Kathy took up him upstairs for a diaper change. I had to continue the unplugging after Kathy left. It took two big movements, not at the same time either, and not painlessly. :( What I saw was Nikko's poop wasn't rock-solid, wasn't resembling a small apple or even a pear. It was soft and mushy, like the wheat bread he ingested since getting sick. But why he needed help pushing this stuff out is beyond me. Why did it need a suppository to get the muscles moving? Is something broken in there? Maybe his motility is slow? And I'm looking up the definition of megacolon. How to fix that??

I sent Nikko to school in a diaper instead of a pull-up just in case he had another big bowel movement. He seemed to be ok when he came home from school, but he also didn't have any more bowel movements. I wonder if we can start at ground zero again. I hopped onto the computer tonight to do more research on constipation and miralax, and my conclusion is above. Other buzzwords I came across, as helpful tips or things to look up: CLO (cod liver oil), aloe vera juice, probiotics, blackberries, FloraBoost, Culturelle, motility, megacolon. I didn't get any notes in his backpack specifically about his bowel movements, and they sent back his diapers so I figure they are going to be ok if he continues to wear pull-ups in class. I'm really hating all this.

On another note, Nikko had swim class today. He's been vocalizing a lot, singing a lot, and asking for his new bread and cheese sandwich concoction by saying, "Ba la la la la cheese sandwich?"

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