Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too many toys in his hands

School report - Good day. He seemed happy to be back! Speech: We were trying to get him to say "hi" with high 5's to Mrs. K and Mrs. Biasco - he would do high 5 then look over his shoulder and crack up like - I am NOT saying hi! Too funny. Happened several times. Good job with body parts & requests. Imitated "I see ____" phrases. Louder volume today!

This was very surprising to read, when he didn't have a great morning. Nikko actually started the day positively and was in a good mood when Kathy came. But when we got downstairs, I had neglected to put the duffle with the bouncy house away and out of sight. Nikko saw it, knew what was in it, and apparently did not want Kathy to put it away. He was really angry, wailing and crying for probably a half hour. Kathy was able to coax him to the table and eventually he got focused and completed his drills. He was very entertained with some building blocks in one of the drills, and I don't know why. After therapy we had lunch and got ready for school.

Just before we stepped out of the house, I noticed Nikko was carrying a LOT of toys: velcro birthday cake, empty box of band-aids, two mini-dinosaurs and a "hand" erase top. I knew the bus driver wouldn't be happy to see all that so I tried to get Nikko to put some things down. No go. He would scramble to reach for the items, even though I made him say Bye Bye to them. Nikko was whining and crying when I took the dinosaurs out of his hands and shoved us out the door. We all walked down the driveway except for Nikko, who stood stubbornly by the door. As the bus came around the corner I grabbed Nikko by the jacket and pushed him down the driveway, crying. I shoved the two dinosaurs into his palm and was fuming but still led him onto the bus. I apologized to Miss Chris about the extra toys, but told her he wouldn't stop crying. I saw her buckle him in, red-eyed but quiet that he had everything in his hands. I contemplated calling Mrs. McCarthy to warn her of Nikko's mood, but hoped they would be able to handle him getting off the bus. That's why his positive report surprised me. That's great, I'll take it!

I'm still guessing regarding Nikko's poop. At bath time, after he had come home from swim practice, he had poop that looked rounder and was slightly more firm than the poop smears from the past few days. I wonder if the unfinished juice last night helped to make it so. His bottom is red but not angry, so I'll keep putting Desitin on him. Today's juice schedule seemed to go accordingly, he even finished the 1/4 capful miralax in the dinner juice. I wonder if he'll be soaked tomorrow morning because he was carrying around his juice bottle. I also still wonder if he's a bit impacted, despite the poop I've been seeing. I will have to decide in the next one or two days if I should administer something, or even try the Quecertin that my friend Cathy recommended in lieu of a suppository. Hmmmm...

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