Friday, November 5, 2010

Sarah's back

School report: Speech - improving with body parts. Sorted new categories. Good job.

This morning Nikko had ABA with Sarah, who had left for school in the fall but came back. According to her notes, he had a rough session the first hour, but eventually came back to the table and they were able to finish on a good note. She told me later that Nikko kept running back to the slide and crawling under it. She thinks he was just getting used to her again since it's been months. I heard some sporadic whining but didn't know he was crying and protesting as well. Sarah said she started out by bringing the drills to him, but later was able to lure him back to the table. Too bad the session wasn't a complete success, but my hope is that having three different people see Nikko consistently will give him some variety. Seeing Kathy twice could lead to boredom for him and burnout for her. I hope three times a week is enough for now. Nikko does a lot of singing and scripting when he's not at school or not in therapy, but it's also not consistent. If he needs help in the living room, such as tonight when Audrey was playing with the toy farm house and was barring Nikko from opening the main barn door, he came to get me and pulled me to the barn. I had to prompt Nikko to say Help. He didn't point to Audrey or tell me her name or for her to stop. He just dropped me off at the edge of the chaos and I was supposed to figure it out before he started whining. I guess I could ask him some key phrases like, What do you need? Help? Who is it? What do you want? You want door open? Open door? Something like that. Nikko is able to make out most of the lyrics to Special Agent Oso. He sings it like Audrey does.

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