Monday, November 15, 2010

Sick Day and Soccer Party

11/12/10 - School Report - Speech: Greetings, "I see a _____". Where ? with pix. Improved attention with books - will imitate phrases to describe pictures in story.

11/13/10 - So much for status quo. On Saturday morning I saw Nikko sitting on the couch watching TV. An hour later he was still sitting in the same spot. That's very usual for Nikko and I wondered if he was ok. He soon moved to the floor and was watching TV with his head resting on the floor pillow or blanket. Sometimes he'd chatter but mostly he was silent. During lunch he ate spinach ravioli but didn't stay at the table for very long. And in the early afternoon he looked sleepy and found a cozy spot on Audrey's big blanket in the middle of the living room. But after an hour nap he woke up and remained laying in the fetal position, arms tucked between his knees. I took his temperature and it fluctuated between 99.6-100, so that explained why he seemed so lethargic. I had to cancel taking the kids with me to a party at one of our GNO friends. Denis was slated to go watch the Pacquiao boxing fight at a friend's house, but I asked him to bring home some McDonald's because I felt bad that the kids didn't get to go to this party. And then at some point Nikko stood in the doorway of the kitchen and threw up his lunch. My poor boy was sick and lethargic, totally uncharacteristic of Nikko. He slept some more in the early evening and still managed to go to bed at the regular bedtime, but not without throwing up any remnant french fries. I wondered if the other kids would pick up whatever tummy bug he had, and worried that Nikko would have to stay home on Sunday while we were planning on going to a birthday party at a soccer facility. I gave him Tylenol and hoped for the best.

This morning, Nikko started out a little slow and in the fetal position again, but after breakfast he seemed to perk up and by lunchtime he was no longer sick-acting. I don't know what it was, but I'm glad it's gone!

******TMI ALERT****** My concern now is that during his sick day, Nikko couldn't hold down any food. He had one big pee diaper but no poop. Today he was incredibly thirsty at breakfast, and his hunger returned as he ate a few cheese sandwiches (cheese spread on croissants) and cheese slices on wheat bread. Both morning I had put miralax in his juice and a little MoPo, but he only had a small poop this afternoon before we went out. I thought he had pooped before we left the party because I smelled something, but his diaper was empty at bath time. That makes me worry because sometimes it will smell like he pooped but there will be nothing; the poop could be blocked and can be smelled when he's trying to expel it but it's not coming out. SO, that means if he doesn't have a proper bowel movement tomorrow then I'll have to try unplugging him on Tuesday. There's no way with the amount of cheese sandwiches he ate before lunch time that it would take more than a day to exit.

The soccer birthday party was at a fieldhouse facility that was geared specifically toward this concept. It was covered in AstroTurf, had air-filled barriers between fields and a bouncy jumper-house in the corner that was being occupied by another party of kids. Audrey wasn't thrilled to be there at first and clung to Denis, but Ronin seemed to warm up to the employee who was our host/Coach. Nikko also seemed interested in the activities at first and I ran beside him during the drills so he would be able to appreciate how FUN everything was. The birthday celebrant was a cute, 2-year old whose father was former co-workers with Denis. I didn't know any of the other parents or kids so I concentrated solely on our kids. Ronin kept asking about the bouncy jumper but I told him it probably wasn't something we could visit since it was flooded with kids from an adjoining party. The problem started when Nikko took full notice of the bouncy jumper. He wanted to go to it. He kept pulling me toward it. He started to whine and jerk my arm harder. Redirection to another part of the field house wasn't working and he was getting louder and screechier. Thank goodness Denis was able to stay with Ronin and Audrey so I could give Nikko my full attention at trying to placate him, giving him deep pressure hugs and looking to engage him in soccer ball fun. I took Nikko outside at one point just to get some air and this was at the height of his screaming. Nikko was squeezing his eyes shut and screeching through his teeth, flushing and fuming. We went back inside and again I took him to he opposite corner of the field house, away from the crowds. Thankfully he wasn't trying to bolt away from me and head helter-skelter to the jumper. I put him on an air-filled bumper and teeter-tottered with him, giving him a tissue to wipe his eyes and nose. He took it from me and I think it was the start of calming him down. I saw that the Coach was blowing bubbles for the kids and was able to coax Nikko to the fringes. At the same time, the loud generator used to air the jumper shut off and it was deflating. I think Nikko saw the deflated jumper and thought it was broken. When the Coach started his finale by involving most of the kids in a parachute game, Nikko was calm and accepting of the tissue to wipe his nose repeatedly. I'm glad we didn't have to leave the party. There were other kids there, mostly three and under except for a few slightly older boys, but Nikko's tantrum wasn't looked at by many, thank goodness. I had also put on my blinders so the only thing I was focused on was Nikko. I would normally be in a panic about Nikko's tantrum, but because I knew that the other two kiddos were in Denis' care it made things much easier for me. By cake time Nikko was fully recovered from the tantrum.

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