Monday, November 8, 2010

MoPo ***TMI ALERT***

********TMI ALERT********
Something's happening. I can see it, but not sure what it is.
The Motion Potion came in the mail on Saturday. It took about a week to get here from Australia. It's from a company called HealthKultcha and the label reads: Motion Potion. Nutritional Bowel Food. More Than Just Fibre. Contains Herbs, Pre & Pro-Biotics. 100g. It's not white and odorless, like miralax. It's got a sweet, herbal scent and it's a mustard color. The first ingredient on the list is Psyllium husk powder and I started worrying if it was like the psyllium in Metamucil. I tried Metamucil for Nikko and it was gelatinous and gloppy at the bottom of his glass. It wouldn't go through his straw. How was he going to drink this stuff? At lunchtime I put 1 teaspoon in his grape juice, undiluted, and mixed it up. I could see the powder settle to the bottom and worried again. I don't know if Nikko sensed my anxiety over his juice because he seemed to take the tiniest sips. My heart sank because if Nikko doesn't ingest this stuff, it won't work. He had miralax earlier in the morning so he still had some poop during the day. I told myself that tomorrow (Saturday) I will put 1/4 teaspoon of MoPo, plus a little bit less miralax so that he doesn't suddenly become blocked up if I went cold turkey.

Today's breakfast juice didn't seem to move as quickly either. I moved his juice into a sippy cup with straw so that he could slurp up powder from the bottom, but I think he may have caught on to the taste. Still, as I changed his poopy diapers today I noticed that the consistency of his poo was changing. It wasn't as peanut buttery. It was looking fibrous, but still soft and mushy. It certainly had a strong smell to it as well, but it wasn't an unfamiliar smell. Could the poop have changed even by drinking just a little of the MoPo? I will continue to put 1/4 teaspoon of MoPo in his juice and phase the miralax out slowly. My goal? To have well-formed poops that are solid but not hard.

And maybe I'm psyching myself out about this, but Nikko woke up today and was singing Happy Birthday to himself until I opened his door. He was chatty and friendly throughout the day. There are times when I'm sitting at the table and he'll climb up onto my back, lean over my shoulder and try to engage me with his eyes and giggling. Imagine that, HE is trying to engage ME. Just last night at dinner he saw that Audrey had hot dog slices on her plate, so he came up to me and stood. I asked, "What does Nikko want?" He said loudly, "DOG. HOT DOG." Then ran away when I praised him loudly. Of course I gave him hot dog cut up in chunks and he didn't finish them, but I was so happy about the exchange. Today he saw peaches on Audrey's plate and came up to me saying and signing, "Peaches, please." That's always awesome. What's not awesome is when he asks for Cheese Puffs, Cookies, or worse, Candy. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

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