Thursday, November 18, 2010


School report - OT: Good session. Did lot of swing activities - Nikko would tell me when to go (push swing). Also worked on making faces and "Ni" in salt tray. Last - worked on cutting.

Don't know what the Ni is about, but maybe it's meant to be his name? In ABA, Kathy told me yesterday that Nikko was getting better at saying Yes and No to things. I was surprised because that's not something he does upstairs. I'll have to start asking him Yes or No and maybe using those PECS pictures from it. A new senior line person from MGB Services came to observe Nikko's session with Jenna. Her name is Rebecca. When Nikko saw this stranger (tall, too) come into the kitchen I think he got upset because I could see his furrowed brow and he started to whine like he didn't want to go work. Later, I was told that he still had whiny moments but overall he did all the work.

Sometimes Nikko comes up to me and starts leaning on me while asking for something that he's not sure he's going to get. It's almost as if he's trying to butter me up before asking for the questionable item. Those items in the past have been cheese puffs, candy and yogurt. Today it was yogurt. He's looking me square in the eye but also has a smile on his face (a sweet, sly smile) as if he can charm me into giving him what he wants. It's really kind of nice, except when it's candy he's asking for.

As for bowel movements, there were NONE today and so I'm on high alert. I put 1/2 a capful plus 1/4 teaspoon of MoPo in his morning juice and watched him until he finished it over a period of an hour. I sure hope his intestines are taking some time to solidify whatever he's eaten, the pizza and stuff, but if he doesn't have some kind of bowel movement by tomorrow afternoon then I'm going to worry until the evening and pray I don't have to take drastic measures. Again. And so soon.

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