Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting back to normal

School report: OT - Saying "I did it" lots. Worked a lot on drawing shapes, faces & persons. Finished with cutting practice.

Kathy's session on Tuesday was OK. Nikko sat on the floor at the beginning and didn't try to bolt upstairs, but there were intermittent periods of whining that didn't last long. Overall, his session was ok but he was not as focused as in the past. After lunch I gave the boys their haircuts. I put them in front of the laptop watching some Pixar short tales, but Ronin wanted to watch monster truck clips. Nikko wasn't sitting very still for the buzzer so I had to placate them with lollipops. It was a success, after all.

Today the universe was put back into order because the kids went back to school. Having these school improvement planning days makes for a very long week! The boys were sleeping on the ride back and I worried that Nikko would be in a foul mood before Jenna came. Thankfully he had a whine-free session. I guess Nikko just had a crappy week last week, in school and during ABA. I've been using the miralax every morning, a little more than covering the bottom of the cap. He has been munching on pop tarts, but discovered my stash of strawberry pop tarts today. Luckily, Fiber One makes a strawberry pop tart that is 5% fiber, same as the fudge one, so I'm ok with him eating it. It's also for variety. Nikko remained in a good mood throughout the evening and I was able to leave for my Zumba class without a scene. I think when I tell him that I'll be back and g-bye, he is much better than if I disappear without a word. I've been conversing with Nikko and trying to get more eye contact from him. I still tend to turn his head toward mine when talking at him, and tickling usually elicits the most response. At home, he never seems very interested in fine motor skill activities like drawing or playing extensively with play doh. What I have noticed, however, is that he is more aware of his siblings and will interact if they initiate play with him. He has sat on the floor and played next to Ronin with cars or with building blocks. Today Audrey was laughing while dragging Nikko down the hallway by his sleeve. I told her to let him go, but they both seemed to be giggling about her dragging him around the house. I wonder what the punch line was, but I let them go off and be silly.

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