Monday, November 29, 2010


It's been five days and I don't know if my theory is working. Putting miralax in Nikko's juice at dinner instead of breakfast sounded like a good idea, but the frequency and amount of poop has not changed. I've been watching Nikko for signs of straining and I haven't caught him in any obvious pain even though he retreats to Ronin's room or still hunches over the couch or ottoman. Therefore, I haven't unplugged him. This evening he did have a larger volume poop that was soft and I wonder if the MoPo is helping in that regard. Unfortunately, Nikko didn't finish his juice at dinner and so I wonder if he'll get a little stopped up in the next day or so. Plus, he went to bed with a red, itchy bottom. I keep slathering Desitin on him, and even put a layer of hydrocortisone this evening, so I really hope it doesn't turn into something worse before school. He'll have Kathy for ABA tomorrow and I hope he treats her well.

Nikko and I have been playing a variation on our tickle game. He asks specifically for "Cake" and then I say, "No more cake, only tickles!" and then I tickle him. He's been in a relatively good mood lately, even playing appropriately with dinosaurs when I've observed him unknowingly. But he still had two emotional outbursts within the last two days which I can't explain. I hope this week at school isn't affected by his itchy bottom. I also hope he will be able to concentrate at school and be productive.

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