Friday, November 19, 2010

What's this?

School report - Speech: Greetings - great with high 5's - multiple prompts to say hi. What ? with pix, songs, body parts, reading a book.

This morning I greeted Nikko in his room. I think he enjoys sleeping under the big comfy Costco blanket I got for him. He hardly budges. It was early and no one else had stirred so I sat on his bed cuddling with him and asked him about the objects in his hands.
"What's this?"
"Strawberry Shortcake."
"What's this?"
"Birthday cake."

And later in the morning while watching TV, Mickey Mouse and Pluto were flashing on the screen. I pointed to the TV and said, "What's that?"
"Dog," Nikko said in reference to Pluto.
"And what's that?"
"Mickey Mouse."
The fact that Nikko is following where I am point to, then naming what he thinks I might be referring to, is awesome. :)

Sarah came for ABA and Nikko was lukewarm to start. She later told me that he was whiny in the beginning but eventually she was able to coax him back to the table. It was an ok session, and while Thanksgiving is next Thursday she said that she's not doing anything in the morning and could come over if I wanted her to. We aren't busy, either, so maybe I will take her up on coming over, even though it is a holiday. We won't be rocking and rolling until after lunch anyway.

***TMI ALERT***Nikko started out this second day of no poo. I told him that if he didn't have any bowel movement today, I would have to unplug him tomorrow morning and I really didn't want to do that. Don't know if that made any sense to him, but right as we were putting on socks and shoes I discovered that Nikko had a little poop in his pull-up. Not much, but it was something. That added to my stress, but I was glad he pooped a little. Later in the evening he had two slightly bigger poops, but they don't put me quite at ease yet. I think tomorrow (Friday) I need to see some serious poop in order for me to be comfortable with the 1/2 capful of miralax. Maybe 1/2 a cap is too much? Don't know yet. I'm giving it 1-2 weeks or one full poop cycle, whichever comes first. Man, only an ASD family would talk so much about poo!!

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