Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2nd Day of preschool

Nikko seemed to be in good spirits this morning when I put on his backpack and took him outside to wait for the bus. Luckily, Denis was still home and sat with Audrey and Ronin on the front step. The bus pulled up and I ushered Nikko up the stairs. We stood right at the first seat and Nikko started to wail. I put his backpack down, pulled down the harness door, and picked up Nikko to strap him in. He didn't fight me, thank goodness, but continued to cry. I put his backpack on his lap so he could hold the yellow turtle tag on the zipper, kissed his forehead and said good bye. Mrs. Beyer wished us luck and I jumped off the bus, waving bye to Nikko who was looking out the window at me and still crying. There was no phone call this time, so I could only assume that Nikko didn't escape again. Two and a half hours later I was coaxing Ronin to watch for the bus by the window and watch Cars on TV. He refused and ran to the door, trying to go outside with me. I can't have him outside with me because even if I told him to wait for me on the front step, he might run after me, try to get on the bus or run into the street. So, at the kitchen screen door he stood and wailed until I came back with Nikko. On the bus, Nikko looked at me from the window and seemed pretty calm. Mrs. Beyer said he did well this time, just cried on the way to school. No Houdini. I got to read the report [I don't think I'll post every daily report, but since this is the beginning of the school year I will because I think it's significant]:

Nikko will get 1:1 OT on Tuesdays first thing. He was crying a little coming to school but quickly re-grouped and participated in mat activities & then worked at the table doing finger coordination activities. Nikko followed the whole schedule today. He sat in a cube chair for group time. Sat at centers, tried applesauce for snack and played legos for a while (his safe spot) and then moved to play cars with 2 other kiddos! We are using a picture schedule with him.

I was so happy to see that he re-grouped and participated. Sitting in a cube chair for group time? Who made him do that? I was never able to get him to sit still during play group unless he was looking in a mirror. Is it possible that he is sitting still during the morning group time? I hope so! I will tell you one thing that I noticed of him today: he was jargoning A LOT. I'm not sure what he was saying, and I'm pretty sure I didn't hear any false words slip by, but his babbling was clearer, louder and more conversational even though it was mostly to himself. He must have been super hungry at lunch because he ate lots of chicken nuggets, had cereal and milk, and some crackers to boot. He also fell asleep on the couch next to me around 2pm, so maybe going to school will wear him out a bit. I took the kids to Costco later in the afternoon and they behaved for the most part. I was circling around and around the Jewel parking lot looking for a cart that had a toddler attachment, but couldn't find one. There was one in the loading dock and I approached it but saw some mysteriously tied bags in the cart and seat and I fled not wanting to find out what was in the bags. I gave up on going to Jewel and took the kids home to play outside for a bit. I gave the boys a cookie each since they were rather patient with me while I went round the parking lot.

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