Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A short update

Today was exhausting and we didn't even go anywhere significant except to play outside in the backyard. I think hauling the kids to multiple public places took a lot of energy from me, including the mental preparation. My temper with Ronin was very short today, and even when I tell myself to be calm in his screaming face and clawing hands, my anxious bubble just kept going haywire. Nikko was at a calm state throughout the day, but I wanted to get him playing outside. But when we got outside, they both ended up in the sandbox. Nikko lay on his tummy for most of it, too. He didn't nap today, so perhaps he was tired, but I wouldn't let him sleep in the sandbox. I saw earwigs in there. YUCK! Tomorrow we have an early playdate at a McDonald's playland with Rhonda and her three kiddos. I'll be packing our bags early and hoping we can manage. It's also Chinny's birthday tomorrow so we'll go there for an early dinner, I hope.

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