Saturday, September 19, 2009

Filming Nikko

Today I dressed up Nikko in his green Westbrook t-shirt for Spirit Day (every Friday) and no onesie. I think he thought it felt a little weird, but he didn't protest. When he got home, his progress report was good. In Speech with Ms. Winters, they worked on requesting things using pictures. They used bubbles and unfortunately had an accident on his shorts. I noticed this when he stepped off the bus in denim shorts, which was his emergency supply. Ms. Winters also noted that they started working on videotaping him (and probably other classmates) today. This was something we discussed last night, videotaping how Nikko does during class and sending it home via CD. She said I would be amazed at how he is in school. The CD may come home some time next week so that's something I'm anxious to view.

After lunch, and during Ronin's naptime, Nikko was getting sleepy so I encouraged him to lie down on the couch and snooze. Thankfully, that's exactly what he did, for an hour. After all the kids got snacked, I took them outside to play, then put everyone in the stroller and headed to Fairview School. It was a more successful play trip than the other day. At one point, Ronin was stomping his Croc foot in the dry dirt. Nikko was nearby and started imitating him. Needless to say, both boys had grimy feet to wipe up when they came home, added with Ronin's grimy hands because he was picking up wood chips and dirt and gleefully spreading it wherever he could. We happened upon Manolo, Brianna and Alex at their house and stopped briefly to chat. Alex was asking me tons of questions about the kids and he noticed Nikko's green t-shirt. Alex is 5 years old and in kindergarten. Brianna is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. They had a soccer ball out and Ronin started kicking it. The great thing was that he also started dribbling the ball and looked really comfortable doing it down the front lawn! Nikko was watching but didn't participate. Manolo's kids still went up to Nikko and said hello, even if Nikko didn't respond in kind. I had to get the kids eating because we were going to IKEA tonight to get Ronin a bed, and we were running out of time. I hate being rushed, and I had to check out the bedding because IKEA's stuff is so personalized to IKEA that I can't use any other sheets on their mattresses. Boooo. We succeeded in getting something for Ronin and now I wonder if Nikko wouldn't be more suited toward the new bed. I wonder if Ronin will want the racing car bed and if Nikko will want the IKEA bed. Something tells me that Nikko will want to keep his car bed, but we'll see what happens. I hope we can get it together by bedtime tomorrow, but lots has to happen at the same time. I have to take apart the crib, move it to the middle room, then put it back together. The racing car bed needs to come out and be positioned by the window. Ronin's bed needs to be put together. The rocking chair needs to move to the room. Yeah, lots to do, so little time, and 3 little kids underfoot.

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