Friday, September 11, 2009

4th Day, NO TEARS!

Nikko did not cry when I put him on the bus. He looked at me and I waved enthusiastically at him when the bus pulled away, but he didn't cry at all. And Monica told me he didn't cry on the way home either. When he saw me over the bus seat he had a small smile until I freed him. I read his progress report with joy:

Speech - Nikko is doing great all day. He sits for everything. We worked on imitation today during speech & vocal play & using picture choices. he is doing great!

Wow! He sits for everything? That is totally new. He was always giving Shelly a hard time, and when cornered by the mirror in our living room he was struggling toward the last few therapy sessions. I wonder if he is liking his new morning environment. Oh yeah, I think I have to dress him up in his Westbrook T-Shirt on Fridays. Or in something green. Green and white are the school colors, if I'm not mistaken. I hope I remember this tomorrow!

While Nikko was at school, Peter came to the house for Ronin's speech therapy. He told me to keep pushing the three word phrases. No problem. Audrey was a handful and is continuing to be a handful as she becomes more mobile and into everything. After lunch today I thought we were going to hang out with Eric, but he had plans so I went to plan B. I packed up the kids and took them to the Treehouse play area at Northbrook Court Mall. It's enclosed, which is the best thing for me. We lucked out because the tree wasn't that crowded, and then there was a mini concert going on at The Land of Nod nearby. A lady told me that Ralph's World was having a concert. I never heard of him and she said, "Oh, he sells out Ravinia!" I just looked him up on Google and he's some guy that sings in rhymes. Not my age group yet. That cleared out the tree for at least a half hour, except for some little girl who was neighing like a horse trying to get my attention and running around with the boys, who loved the tree. Unfortunately, Audrey was at the bottom of the slide and while I had my head turned the little girl proceeded to slide down and let her patent-heeled shoe step down on Audrey's fingers. Audrey screamed and cried and the girl ran away until I calmed her down a bit. GRRRRR. Nikko had fun in the tree and explored it a bit. He would go down the slide and look to see if I was looking. I gave the kids snack after 45 minutes of fun and then we went home to hang out in the backyard for a bit. Of course, the boys made it into the sandbox so I had to give them baths when it was time to go inside. I don't know why Nikko got into a funky mood because he started going after Ronin's Chick Hicks car and kept trying to take it away. Then Nikko rushed to me and kept signing Cookie, which I refused because dinner was a half hour away. Nikko threw a temper tantrum and then while I was putting in the Cars DVD to calm him down, I turned around and blood was pouring out of his left nostril. It was on the rubber mats and I pretty much lost my cool trying to hold onto Nikko so he wouldn't run anywhere in case he was badly hurt, putting Audrey out of the center of the room so she wouldn't crawl into the blood, trying to get paper towels and Windex to clean the blood, and getting Chick Hicks back to Ronin. Forget the DVD, it wasn't happening. I tried really hard to stay calm, but working around blood and crawling babies was testing my mettle. I ran into the kitchen and gave Nikko a cookie to shut him up, which actually put him in his chair so he stayed in one place. Things calmed down a bit later, and throughout dinner I was just mentally exhausted from the intensity of the last half hour. I tried to chill out in the living room with the boys and do some hugging and tickle games. We finally got back to a normal vibe.

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