Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. Immune

Funny how Nikko eats pizza for lunch and drinks chocolate milk every day, and he's the only one who is not sick in our family. I'm just about over my cold except for a few runny noses. Denis is now suffering coughing and a chest cold. Ronin is slightly warm, and breathing is shallow, but he's not sick. Poor Audrey woke up with a fever and had it all day, along with the grumpy's, the crabby's and fussiness. She didn't get much rest today and her naps were too short. I hope she'll get rest tonight.

We didn't go anywhere today. Yesterday was also an at-home day except at the end of the day when Denis proposed that we all go for a walk with Lego. That was a nice outing as it wasn't too cold outside yet. Our neighbors were also walking their dog with their two kids, Brianna and Alex. We all got home at the same time and their kids were running circles around Ronin and Nikko. Alex was so cute because he was giving hugs to both Ronin and Nikko. Earlier in the day yesterday Mom and Dad stopped by on their way home from visiting Maxwell. When Mom came calling, Ronin came running into a big hug. Nikko also came in and was greeted enthusiastically by them. Mom requested a hug and a kiss and she got both. Nikko even gave Dad some high fives. Mom had told me later on that she was so proud of Nikko, that he seemed to turn around 100%. I was proud to hear she was pleased with his progress.

This evening, Regina came by after an evening meeting. We were getting the boys ready for bed so she shadowed us into the boys' room. Ronin was crying and wailing, probably because she was there, but Nikko was surprisingly calm at first. When he was all dressed he even did a Nikko Dance in the middle of the room. He was probably wound up because someone different was in the house, which was evidenced later when he protested when we were going to leave the room. Denis stayed in there longer, and that calmed both boys.

Tomorrow we have preschool for Nikko. I don't know if we'll go to Mom's house in the afternoon; it really depends on Audrey's condition. I hope we can, just to get the kids out of the house, but we'll really have to see.

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