Thursday, September 17, 2009

No progress report

A smooth morning overall with Nikko going to school. Coming home was also good; I put Audrey down for her nap and Ronin sat outside with me. Nikko had no problems on the bus and even grinned when he saw me at the bus stop. Unfortunately, the teachers forgot to put a progress report in his backpack so I don't know what they did today, but tomorrow is the Back to School night that I plan to attend. It's a half hour where they go over what's being taught in the classroom. Denis is coming home to feed the kids while I go. Should only be for a half hour, and should I choose to stay for the PTA meeting it would be another half hour. We'll see.

Nikko wasn't in the greatest of moods today. No outbursts, but he was trying to pass a really big #2 all day. Poor little guy. Finally I took the kids to the part @ Fairview School and hoped they would run around and have fun. Initially they did, but Nikko was soon hunched over the stroller and having his big movement. No more slides or swings for him. I decided to haul us back home to change diapers. Other than his silence throughout the pain and his grunting, Nikko's been jargoning quite a bit. I wonder how to push a word out of him (no pun intended). Even Audrey's begun to make audible sounds like Mama, and as I fed her peaches tonight, remarking how sticky she was, I swear I heard her mimic the word Sticky. Back to meals, Nikko ate pizza today without fighting me, and signed for Cookie only twice today. I really should give him one, maybe tomorrow. I think I'll ask the teachers tomorrow to show me what Nikko's picture schedule looks like, so I can mimic it at home. I also think I'm going to start pouring over the autism books I have again, to find activities to help develop the fine motor skills. At school they're using scissors and stuff, and I don't think he's very coordinated with markers even. Probably because I don't want it to end up on my couch, as it has in the past.

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