Thursday, September 10, 2009

3rd day. Routine setting in?

Nikko was rather clingy to me about 15 minutes prior to going outside. And he started to cry when I took him to get his backpack and started putting it on. Today the twins from down the block and their mom met us at our driveway because Monica the bus driver (Mrs. Beyer) said it would help consolidate her stops. No problem on my part, but I gotta learn the mom's name. She's Polish and I just couldn't catch the pronunciation the first few times. They got on the bus in front of us and then I helped Nikko, who was still crying, up the stairs. I put his backpack on the seat and lifted Nikko up onto the chair (the harness was already open and waiting for him). I buckled him in and tightened it, gave him his burp cloth and backpack in his lap, kissed his forehead and said good bye. I got off the bus and waved to him in the first window. He was still crying. And the Polish mom still wasn't off the bus. Apparently she was having some problems with tightening the straps so Monica had to help her a bit. During these few minutes I watched Nikko's tears subside slowly, then he started looking up and around him, and then when Polish mom got off the bus Nikko had stopped crying but was just looking at me. I waved bye again, and the bus pulled away. Later on, Monica told me that Nikko stopped crying on the bus and both trips were good for him. When I came onto the bus later he was still in his spot, but that little blonde girl (Fiona) was next to him. Monica forgot, and said she'd move Fiona so I wouldn't have to reach over her. I don't care, as long as Nikko gets the window seat.

After lunch, I found Nikko had fallen asleep on his spot on the couch. I guess school was good for him today. The progress report didn't have any extra remarks about his day, which I rather liked but understand that not every day is going to have extra stuff. I took the kids to mom's house today since Eric is in town until Friday. Also, my brother Pat and his wife Anna had their baby boy today, Maxwell Van Alog. We won't visit them in the hospital because the kids aren't allowed in the room anyway, so we'll visit them when they come home and we get the OK. At mom's house I made the mistake of putting the Cars DVD in. The boys were glued to the TV instead of playing around or doing anything else. Good for me, to get them out of my hair, but overall not good because they could do that at home. My bad. I fed them dinner there and then we made it home. Eric might hang out with us in the afternoon, and if he does then I will plan on doing something outside of the house. Don't know what just yet, but I don't want to be cooped up when there is someone else willing and able to hang with the boys. Maybe we'll do Northbrook Court, if not Woodfield Mall.

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