Monday, September 21, 2009

Bedroom rehaul

Saturday ended up being a busy day at home. I took apart the crib and then reassembled it in the 2nd bedroom. Then I put together the IKEA bed; Denis helped me drill a few holes, and then it was finished. The racing car bed was moved. Finally, the moment of truth arrived when I put Audrey into the crib for bedtime. She laid her head down on the burb cloth, pacifier in mouth, and relaxed. She was great! Audrey slept through the night, and if she lost her paci I didn't hear her complain.

The boys were a different story, mainly Ronin. Whereas Nikko seemed to accept the new location of his racing car bed, and lay almost contentedly except for one bout where he got up and I ushered him back into bed, Ronin was not happy about the changes that were taking place. He didn't want to lay in his new bed despite the Lightning McQueen blanket and his cars in hand. I had to stay with him until he fell asleep. They both had some early morning waking, around 5a, but Denis was nearby to stay with them. Tonight, I still had to stay with Ronin until he fell asleep, while Nikko was out like a light because he didn't nap all day. I am really hoping neither kid will cry in the middle of the night or the early morning, because I've caught a cold and have that cloudy-headed sick feeling. I need some rest and didn't get any today because I met up with the Girls for lunch. Can't miss that GNO, since I don't have many to attend! I expect that either boy will wake up tomorrow and protest the closed door, will probably cry until I come get them, and will wake up Audrey in the process. So let's hope that the morning will not come too early!

Before dinnertime, I was asking Nikko what he wanted to eat, and I asked if he wanted More Pizza. He was smiling when I said that, so I signed it for him a number of times. He imitated my Eat sign, and he even attempted a rough zigzag when I signed Pizza. That was a great effort! And during dinner he knows how to sign Cheese so when I give Audrey some cheese, Nikko is not far behind in asking. Sometimes he deftly signs Cracker to me and looks at me to see if I will give in. Sometimes I will, but if it's not time for cracker then I'll redirect him so we don't get into a big blowout.

Tomorrow there's no school, and I hope I feel better so I can tackle the myriad of little things that need attention like the laundry that's been sitting on the couch waiting to be folded for two days, the living room toys that NEED to be straightened up, the kid clothes that need organizing now that Denis switched the drawers to the appropriate rooms, and there's MY room that needs organizing. All dependent on whether I have the energy to tackle it tomorrow.

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