Sunday, September 13, 2009

A calm Nikko day, mostly.

Saturday, no school today for Nikko. I wonder if he missed his friends and teachers. In the late morning I decided to give the boys a haircut. I had to put Audrey down for her nap because there's no way she would sit still with hair shavings on the floor. Ronin was manageable in front of the laptop watching Tokyo Mater on YouTube, but Nikko didn't want to sit still in a chair and was moving his cars along the edge of the table. I had to use clippers on a moving target. I know the right side of his head looks fine, but not sure about the left because I didn't get to see the left that often. After lunch, Nikko managed to fall asleep, Ronin was put down for a nap, and I left Audrey with Denis so I could go get Ronin's Flovent at Target. I only stayed an hour and didn't go to the grocery because I felt that Nikko would probably wake up in a bad mood. That's exactly what happened. I was able to calm him down by going to the kitchen with him to get a cookie. It was snack time for the kids so I rounded them all up and fed them. Afterward, we took a trip to Costco for more chicken nuggets and rice milk. We would have tried to go to Jewel but Nikko was having a meltdown at Costco. I thought he wanted to stop and have a churro at the cafeteria because he paused near the tables and got angry when we didn't stop. I picked him up and carried him outside despite his protests, just like I did last week on the nature trail. He did calm down, and then didn't want me to put him down again. When we got home, we hung outside with the kids a while, then came inside and spent a little time downstairs before sending everyone up for dinner.

I've been asking Nikko to sign for things and he won't freely sign More. He was doing something with his fingers that mimicked the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song we sing at night, but I was confused why he was using it in the kitchen. Later I heard Denis prompting him to say Give Me, which involves opening and closing your hand, and figured this might be what he was trying to say earlier today. He sure knows Cookie very well. Ha ha ha!

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