Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not sick [yet]

Maybe not so immune. Nikko woke up this morning with coughs, but he wasn't very warm. He was fine to send to school, so I did. He was still ok when he came home, except for some crustiness around his nostrils, so perhaps his nose is starting to drip a bit. It didn't get worse as the day progressed. Nikko conked out for a long nap after we took Lego for a walk around the block. Nikko slept for maybe 2.5 hours. I worried about waking him up, worried that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep at bedtime, but I think I wanted him to get some uninterrupted rest in case he was coming down with something. He's still active and alert so he can't have the fever that Audrey has had for two days. I gave her a bath tonight and I think her fever broke, or at least it went down greatly, because she's not as scorching hot as before. Thank God!

The progress report was forgotten again, but I emailed Ms. Winters and she said that it was on her desk. Nikko had OT today and they introduced the swing to him. She's trying to introduce him to more resistive strengthening activities. No doubt it's to improve his core muscles. They also sent home two plates that have a PECS picture of Please Wait taped to them. Nikko holds this when there's idle time, like while waiting before eating snack, or waiting for the bus. They said it gives his hands something to fidget with. Good idea. I'll take it along and see if it works for me. I don't know if he'll be able to wait with it while at Costco, but I'll bring it anyway. Gotta go find a birthday present for Dad. I wonder what he'll like??

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