Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Indoor day

Today was a homebody day since Ronin was still coughing and needing albuterol treatments and Audrey had a little temperature. Unfortunately, when Nikko went to bed Denis told me he was a bit congested. I'm worried that tomorrow he will be worse, but we'll have to see when he wakes up. He has school tomorrow and I can't send him to school sick, but how about with a drippy nose?

Nikko was running around the living room today when according to Denis he tripped and hit his head on a woven basket on the floor (Crate & Barrel). It hurt him and he came to me crying. I tried to soothe him and eventually he calmed down and went back to wandering, but sometimes put a finger up to his ear. When I first looked at it, the area was just a bit red. But I looked later again and there was some blood in his ear. Upon further resisted investigation, I saw that blood wasn't pouring down the ear canal, that it looked like a cut along the rim of his ear canal. If blood was gushing out, we'd have to go to the doctor, but since it seemed minor I decided we'd just wait and see. So far it's ok, but I hope that banging his head into something won't have a drastically negative effect on him. Maybe the opposite will happen and he'll be cured. :) He gave me tons of eye contact today, and tried signing things upon request although his sign for More is two fists bumping together instead of fingerpoints tapping. Grrr.

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