Thursday, October 1, 2009

School routine

Nikko continues to come home from school in a good mood (except that one day this week). When he comes home we go inside, take off shoes and socks, and then I walk him to hang up his backpack on a hook. I'll take out reports and papers, then sit with him while he noshes on Cheerios or juice while I see what happened. Looks like during snack yesterday they had peaches, and today they had graham crackers. Sounds like our kind of snack here at home. Ms. Winters wrote:

He did pretty well today choosing bus/bubbles using 2 pictures. Some vocal play especially w/guh for gone!

That's good to hear, that she is really working on his verbal skills. At home, I don't think I've elicited a true vocal word from him, but I do keep trying. I read somewhere that once a kid realizes that he will get more things if he uses his voice instead of communicating another way, he gets it and keeps going. With Ronin chattering up a storm around him, I wonder why Nikko doesn't feel a need to talk. He's still grunting and making "yolking" sounds as if his tongue is swollen from Novocaine. That's the best way I can describe it. Also in his backpack was a fundraiser for some kind of personalized pans and a field trip slip for October 16 to the Grove in Glenview. I wonder if he'll remember that he's been there before. It's quite a venture, all to do before 11am. Yowza! He managed to get sleep around 3:30-4-ish. It was while I was giving the kids snack. His head started bobbing and it rested on his hand, so I picked him up and put him on the couch. I think he got a good 2 hours in. The past 2 nights he's been getting up after we close the door and getting into Ronin's bed. Ronin then would protest loudly and we'd have to go in and put Nikko back. Denis lay on the floor until the boys fell asleep. But tonight, after Nikko did it again, Denis went it and put him back, sat for a few minutes, then closed the door and left, and Nikko stayed put. I think. I may have to go check before I go to bed myself. I have no idea how to address that kind of problem.

Nikko felt a little warm today, but it wasn't warm enough for it to register as a temp with the ear thermometer, which he dislikes. I think he won't succumb to a fever, and therefore is fine to go to school. I have to remember to call him in on Thursday night, because we're going to Marianjoy on Friday morning. Gotta start planning for that excursion.

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