Monday, October 19, 2009

Ziplocs and head butts

During the lunchtime hours I went to a brunch at Meson Sabika in Naperville with a few of the girls from my group. It was nice to hang with them and talk about a variety of things. Rhonda, the McD's playdate I had a few months ago, will be leaving in two weeks for Oklahoma (she's in the armed forces) and her three kiddos will be in their dad's care. He'll be fine, he's military too. I heard he puts each of the kid's clothes for the day in a ziploc bag, for each day of the week. Reminds me of my diaper bag and how I put the #6's, #5's, and #4 diapers in their own ziploc (credit Atz for this idea). It definitely helps in a pinch, and makes it easier for another person to change a diaper. That rarely happens, but if it did....

Since I was gone, I didn't see the kids for the middle of the day. Both boys had huge meltdowns when I left. Nikko could see that I had my purse ready, and when I put on my coat he started whining and crying. Denis had to hold him back, and I closed the door before Ronin got to it. When I came back 3.5 hours later, Ronin and Audrey were all smiles. Nikko was napping on the living room floor. Over the past week I noticed that Nikko hadn't been covering his ears as often as he had in the past. But tonight I noticed that he did it a little, at random things in the house, and definitely at me when he was upset that I wasn't understanding what he wanted in the kitchen so I started singing a song. I had just cooked something on the stove top and he pulled up the stool to put his hands there. I was really adamant about him getting away and he got so mad at me. His actions preceeding a tantrum are big huffs and puffs. I've noticed over the past two days that he's doing something I've heard called a nervous "tic" where he jerks his body slightly. It looks like a glitch and it bothers me so when I see him do it I hold his head steady and talk him into something else.

Instead of going to the grocery like I should have, I told Denis I'll go after the kids are in bed but also that we should take them outside to play since the weather was milder than any day before. The kids fought a bit over the Little Tykes car, but I got them to be near the swingset for a bit. Audrey was toddling across the driveway and also sat in the swing. But the boys were getting antsy and they started fighting over the single stroller in the garage. It got ugly when Ronin, who was sitting in it, was stomping on Nikko's fingers, which were trying to pry the stroller away from Ronin. The final straw was when Ronin started head-butting Nikko to get him away. I was pissed and hauled Ronin off the stroller and into the house. I cleaned his hands and put him in the timeout corner. Surprisingly, he doesn't try to stand up and run away; he sits there crying and saying, "I want UP! I want UP!" Nikko wanted me to come outside and play but I was too angry with Ronin for hurting Nikko. It was all forgotten between them by the time they started eating. Tomorrow I still have to run to Costco to get chicken nuggets, but will also try cutting the boys' hair - - still haven't done it! No school tomorrow either.

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