Friday, October 9, 2009

The lump on my head

Another happy Nikko came back from preschool today, happy. The notes were positive, saying he ate popcorn in snack and was consistently moving the popcorn pic to his picture schedule binder at school. After lunch I put in the Time to Eat DVD. He seemed interested in it at first because there were new songs and a different layout. I gave him the 2nd DVD to look at and he ended up carrying it around the living room for most of the afternoon. Sometimes Nikko signs Cookie to me while looking down, then I see his eyes glance up at me warily knowing that he's not supposed to have a cookie but hopes that I will give him one anyway. It rarely works since he's signing for a cookie during lunch. Or dinner. Sorry buddy, only during snack time.

Later in the afternoon, the boys found some plastic balls from the ball tent and were throwing them up in the air. Audrey was by the mirror wall and I was by the DVD player. Suddenly something hit me on the right side of the head, something slightly heavy, and landed on the floor. I looked down as the pain suddenly jolted into my head and I saw the green Chick Hicks matchbox car on the ground. Nikko had picked it up and thrown it up into the air like the plastic ball. It HURT and I immediately started to cry as I held my head. Nikko saw me and ran to the window, crouching behind the ottoman but then started watching TV. Ronin came up to me saying, "Mommy? Mommy?" I was horrified that Audrey was sitting so close by and could have been the one pegged in the head by a metal car. I marched over to Nikko, cornered him and told him he hit mommy in the head, it HURT, and say SORRY. Nikko wouldn't look at me, purposely avoided my eyes even when I held his chin in my hand. I gave up and sat there crying harder because Nikko had no idea what he did and didn't care. I went to the kitchen for an ice pack and Ronin followed me, "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy sad. Mommy crying." I let Ronin comfort me, but even now the lump on my head is tender.

Nikko didn't pick up any signs today, but he did manage to drag me over to the DVD player and sign that he wanted the Signing Time dvd. I prompted him a little, but his intention was clear to me. During a tickle game I had him sign More if he wanted me to continue. I'd like our communication to go beyond the kitchen and food.

Audrey was a trooper today. From the morning after breakfast, she was trying to toddle around on two feet a lot. She'd take 4-5 steps and then falter. She'd look to me for praise, and then clap her hands when she saw approval. So cute!

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